Since my childhood i have been surrounded with art, artists and lot of books about art because my father is a self-tought artist and a "sort-of" book collector, my brother is also digital/graphic designer so to simply say a search for artistic expression runs in a family. From elementary school i have been envolved in school art programms and continued in that direction with the art highschool section for textile and clothing design and after that i went to college (also for textile and clothing design). After 3 years of college,short before finishing (4 exames left with a grade averidge 9.23 from maximum 10), i decided to make a break form school and move back to my home town because my heart was not longer into this kind of carrier path. When i moved back to my home town because of my artistic talent and a background in art, my cousine and his friend started nudgin me to take apprentisship in the tattoo studio and learned tattooing. Since i was already into the alternative underground scene of grunge and metal, i found the thema tattoos and tattooing very appealing. They have set up a meeting with my now good friend and mentor, owner of “Dark Tattoo” studio and a great tattoo artist, Dejan Adzic. After reviewing my drawings and my art he acceped me as his apprentist. With him i learned all of the things needed for safe and professional tattooing: sterilization, about cross contamination, tattoo shop procedures and among all of this things now lost art of needle making. He was by me, coaching me every step of the way from the first stencils, lines and shadings and i am always gratefull for all that he has given to me. So that was it ... since the first contact with the tattoo art i had realised that this is my path, that this is what i want to do in my life. With a lot of help from Dejan, my brother, my cousins, my friends that sacrefied their skin so i can learn and move forward with tattooing. After two great years of apprenticechip and some tattoos under my belt i moved back to Belgrade to finish the college. But you can not get away from your passion so i organized my own tattoo club Dark Arts Collective and continued with tattooing, so neadless to say i never finished the college. It started with one tattoo with my friend’s recommendation and went up from there. The circle of people I tattooed became wider and turned out to be bunch of cool people from Belgrade HC scene I’m good friends today. Then the circle went bigger and i started to think of myself as a real tattoo artist. After 5 years of tattooing in Belgrade i got an invitation to come to Germany as a guesst artist. I was really happy with my first visit because of all the new experiences i gained and all the new people i met including now my wife. Satisfied with my work i got invited to come back again and got also a chance to invite my dear friend and colegue and a great tattoo artist Macy to come to Germany as a guest artist in the same shop. After few visits and a lot of love, art, frendships and tattoos with a lot of passion we are able to have our own small but warm and friendly corner where we can share our passion for art on the skin. Jule, Macy and me.... we gave and are still giving our ALL ..... so if you like our work, our art you can do like we did and go ALL IN!

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