I was born on 29 th of January 1985 in a small town named Prokuplje in Serbia. After I finished my primary school in the year 2000, I went to art high school. In 2004 I joined the College of Fine Arts and after 5 years studying I made my Master in painting.

I was always a good drawer and a lot of people liked my art. So one day a friend of mine, who had a tattoo machine at home wanted to convince me to tattoo him one of my drawings. After he explained me everything I finally agreed and I did my first tattoo. For the first tattoo that looked pretty good. I was totally amazed from the imagination that this person will wear my art his full life under his skin and so I found my profession.

I start to read a lot about tattooing and hygiene and everything what includes this kind of art. I wanted to bring more of my art under the skin and so I saved all my money to buy professional tattoo equipment. Because of the economic situation of Serbia that last almost two years till I could afford my first tattoo machine and the necessary equipment. With that equipment I started first to tattoo a lot of my friends and it really fast got around that I make cool tattoos and so more and more people wanted to get tattooed by me.

In 2007 a friend who owned a professional tattoo studio asked me to work with him. I worked five years with him and after that in 2013 I opened the studio “129 ink” with my best friend. In that year I also went to Sweden as a guest artist and liked it a lot, because I could make many new experiences and made many cool tattoos.
My really good friend and now business partner and brother from another mother Milan invited me to come to Germany to work with him in the studio where he was working as a guest artist. There I met a lot of new, cool people (including my wife Isa) and I fell in love with the country, the way of living and working there and I fell in love with Isa. In 2014 I decided to leave Serbia and I moved to Germany to work and live here. Finally we took the chance and we went all in and founded our studio “All in Tattoo & Piercing”. Since March 2014 I am co-owner of All in Tattoo & Piercing in Augsburg and everyday I am grateful that I have now my own, small, friendly place where I can live my passion and bring my art under the skin. 


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